Laura Michelle Kelly's debut album with EMI's Angel label, The Storm Inside, was released on May 1st 2006 ... "For along time I’ve sang from the heart of another. This album is me singing from my own." LMK Music

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Laura's Schedule

Currently Laura is filming "Sweeney Todd", rehearsing for "Lord of the Rings - the Musical" and launching an album. Expect her to be all over the place - TV, radio, stage and silver screen!

Visit Laura Michelle Kelly's iTunes page by clicking on the the cover of her recent single. What's It All For is Laura's latest Laura Michelle Kellyrelease and is set to pave the way for her Special Edition album to be release on April 16th.

1. What's It All For (Album Version)
2. Numb
3. The Storm Inside (Edit)
4. Falling
5. There Was A Time
6. Jesus Was A Crossmaker
7. Communication
8. You Do Something To Me
9. Riverman (Edit)
10. Butterflies
11. Somewhere Only We Know

Definitely an album to go places!

Her treatment of Nick Drake's Riverman is atmospheric, her vocal replacing the original's string theme, and she makes Smewhere Only We Know all her own. Sunday Mercury 7/5/06

Laura offers an impressive debut album, from Nick Drakes Riverman to the Jamie Cullum composition, specially written for Laura, Sweet Solution. Birmingham Mail 13/5/06

She certainly doesn't play it safe on debut The Storm Inside which opens with a cover of Nick Drake's almost sacred Riverman, which she pull's off with a haunting rendition. She does a similarly impressive job with a slo-mo jazzy take on Paul Weller's You Do Something To Me, and likewise Burt Bacharach's Reach Out. Herald Observer series

So far best known as an actress, Laura's clearly a very striking singer as well. [The Storm Inside} is a wonderfully warm, evocative collection mixing easy with sensitive, almost soft jazz arrangements. Her single There Was A Time is delightful, and the vaudeville feel to Sondheim's Losing My Mind is pretty nifty. Definitely an Album to go places. South Hams Newspapers 5/5/06

You Make Me Want To Be A Better Fan
A review of Laura's live gig at The Bedford in Balham can be found here.

Laura Michelle Kelly's debut album, The Storm Inside, is to be released on the 1st of May 2006. Music industry publication Musicweek included Laura in it's On The Cusp of Great Things article with a brief album review describing it as an "adventurous, contemporary album that promises to establish her name with a broad music loving audience... delivers the unexpected ... This has the potential to sell by the bucketload."

Somewhere Only We Know Laura's first single from this album was released on the 2nd of Jan 2006 available for download. It is a magnificent cover of Keanes 2004 hit with cascading strings accompanying Lauras' melodiously lilting and melancholic, yet uplifting tones adding her unique vocal style to an already classic song. A warmly enveloping interpretation which exudes the passion and skill Laura puts into each and every performance, making Somewhere Only We Know a perfect introduction for those who had missed Laura so far and a tantalizing taste of things to come.

We now have a complete album full of Laura to look forward to and it is reported a single, "There Was A Time", written by Laura herself will be released at the same time as well! Laura on Amazon

Press Release - 2 April - The future is bright for Laura Michelle Kelly. Already an established actress and celebrated star of London’s West End, the multi-talented 24 year-old is on the threshold of an exciting new phase in her career, with the release of her eagerly anticipated debut album ‘The Storm Inside’ and the single ‘There Was A Time’ on Angel Records, May 1st.

Recorded in London last summer, the forthcoming LP is a heartfelt collection of beautifully diverse material. Produced by the highly respected Marius de Vries - whose past credits include Bjork’s ‘Debut’, Rufus Wainwright’s ‘Want One’ and ‘Want Two’, David Gray’s ‘Life In Slow Motion’ and the groundbreaking Moulin Rouge – the new album features 12 stunning songs that highlight Laura’s tremendous vocal ability and is as assorted as the people behind it.

It was only after falling in love with Rufus Wainwright’s critically acclaimed album ‘Want One’ that she knew she’d found the perfect collaborator in Marius de Vries.

”It's a pleasure every now and then to have the opportunity to collaborate with an artist for whom the making of an LP is truly a maiden voyage,” says Marius. “This is Laura Michelle's first collection of songs as a songwriter and an interpretative singer, and it has been a privilege to have watched her dig into the new possibilities and freedoms presented by the studio with a genuine creative energy and remarkable dedication.”

The new album contains collaborations from a host of stellar songwriters including Jamie Cullum, Guy Chambers, Pete Vetesse, Felix Howard and – for the first time co-writing with another artist - Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy. There are six original tracks and six interpretations of previously recorded material close to Laura’s heart, including Paul Weller’s achingly romantic ‘You Do Something To Me’, Nick Drake’s ‘Riverman’ and a twisted version of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Losing My Mind’.

“Everyone told me that Nick Drake’s ‘Riverman’ was a sacred piece of writing that we shouldn’t touch,” she admits “But I love it so much and I think great songs should keep being sung and reinterpreted. Marius and I came up with a plan to chart out the famous string line in the original and replace it with my vocals. Marius is definitely someone who aspires for something completely new and, between us, I hope we’ve achieved that.”

The album also showcases Laura’s ability as a songwriter on ‘There Was A Time’, ‘Butterflies’ and ‘The Storm Inside’ - all warm and intimate pieces of work. Other album highlights include the irresistible ‘Sweet Solution’ - written especially for Laura by Jamie Cullum – and the wonderfully evocative ‘Reach Out For Me’.

“It has been an exciting journey to work with such accomplished people in the industry. I feel like I’ve grown in many ways, working with such great writers has changed me and I’ve really enjoyed the process from start to finish.” she comments. "For along time I’ve sang from the heart of another. This album is me singing from my own."